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Buy DORADO Systems D312, D316, D318, D321, D322 & B8 Barrier Parking Gate
Home of the B8 Barrier Parking Gate & D300 Series Multiplexers.

Previously owned and operated by MASK Systems, we at DORADO, still  provide quality products and customer service as provided in the past.
DORADO also provides a variety of other products for parking solutions from other well known and trusted manufacturers.
We are still located in the beautiful Denver Colorado area.
Please contact us for products, parts and pricing.

Our DORADO Systems includes these models of D300 Modules:

  • Transmitters:
  •  D312 for security/burglary applications
  • D316 for fire alarm system applications
  • D318 for process and general management control,
  • (HVAC systems, remote gate control, remote pump control, etc.)
  • Receiver:  D321 & D322

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About Us

DORADO Parking Systems

is family owned and operated. We are located in the beautiful Denver Colorado area. 

We offer a competative purchase of a  solid parking gate, parts & accessories, and convenient means of a  low voltage signal multiplexer.
In the past, B8 Barrier Parking Gates and D300 Multiplexers were  manufactured in the same area by MASK Systems, Dorado Products  and Sytron. 
The B8 Gate has had a long history since the 1980's when they were known to the world as a Stanley Barrier Gate.
Through the years of advanced technology, the Stanley Gate has remained  as well built and dependable as always, with only minor changes to its look and updating of its electronics. 

DORADO Parking Systems is also home of  the D300 Multiplexers, a low voltage multiplexer that can use an  existing or new phone line for communications. Using existing or new  phone lines reduces the cost of install, as there is no need to pull  wire. The multiplexer system requires a transmitter at one end and a  receiver at the other end.
The D300 Multiplexers have also had the same long history as being a  quality and inexpensive alternative to pulling wire for your  communication needs.  


B-8 Barrier Gate Manual (pdf)


D300 Install Manual PN 2280-3288 Rev1. 2 (pdf)


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DORADO Parking Systems

5469 Victoria Cir, Firestone, Colorado 80504, United States

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 Tech Support: 303-944-7734
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 E-mail: doradosystems@centurylink.net 

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